Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich: Chapter One – About The Right to be Rich

It is not possible in our society to live a complete and full life without money. We need money to pay the bills. We need money to buy things. There is a difference between need and want. All people deserve to have all they need and all they want. We need food and shelter, we want presents for our birthday, we want access to certain technology like the internet. We need money to live. We need money to enjoy our life. We need money to create things and do things that help others. You cannot help the poor by being one of them.

Life is about growing and developing and in our society, the way it is organised, we need money to grow and develop, money therefore is necessary. Some people have the belief that having more than you need is greedy. And that’s all it is, a belief, it is not a shared belief like gravity is real or that walls are solid, the belief that having more than you need is greedy is just a thought, a type of thought called a belief and that type of thought and other types of poor thinking won’t help you become rich.

The desire to become rich is the desire to have more, to grow and to learn more and to be able to do more and this is the natural desire of life. Plants and animals grow and bloom, so too humans can either grow and reach full potential or become stunted and imprisoned by their thoughts. If you have nothing you can give nothing, if you have lots you can give lots and do lots.

I want to expand upon the ideas of it being your right to have money and to dismantle the old negative beliefs about money that are hidden culturally in saying’s, attitudes, beliefs, non-verbal behaviours and other patterns taught to you before you could even understand what you were learning. You have been learning since before you were born, and as a baby and toddler you learnt to walk and talk a language by copying those around you and you also learnt other beliefs, some of them positive and some of them not so positive. The things that you learned so long ago, that have been part of the reasons that have held you back, can start to be dismantled now.

So as you are aware that there are old and limiting beliefs that just like the software of a computer need updating from time to time, now it’s time to find new thoughts about your old perceptions, the ones that you used to have about money can change. They do change and are different now compared to when you were four years old, they are different now compared to how they were four years ago. They are different to yesterdays ideas because they are today’s thoughts and today’s ideas are being created right now, right here at this moment in time. As they change in a way that is in harmony with your core beliefs and values about freedom you can achieve more happiness, health and abundance.

An abundance paradigm is one that allows for all of the desirers of happiness, love, health, joy and wonder into your life. The more you do this each and every time you think these thoughts, it sets your thoughts in the direction of love, health, happiness and abundance in every area of your life and this gives you more opportunities to shine and be wonderful in every way…

In the past maybe you’ve heard phrases like ‘filthy rich… fat cat…’ ‘it’s easier for a fat man to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven’ these phrases, disguised as metaphors are insidious hypnotic messages and need to be replaced.

It’s time to cancel all of those suggestions, those beliefs that you had. You could go back to them if you wanted but that would be a poor decision. Make a rich decision and change the old beliefs that held you back while keeping in place beliefs that protect you. Now is the time to change the old beliefs that held you back and create new beliefs about your right to have more. Choose to remove those old beliefs and replace them with more pro active and positive views about the world, the way it works and the way money comes to you.

By reading this you have decided to take a very active part in making your future a different place, a richer place for you, your family and the people important to you. So right now you can set your mind to filter for positive suggestions and better ways of thinking and viewing the world with regard the task of wealth acquisition.

As you become quicker at recognising the poor decisions and negative views about wealth so you can reject them and recognise that those thoughts are harmful and destructive to a rich mind set and I want to help you become richer and wealthier in every area of life.

It is possible for you to become really talented at the things you enjoy if you have money to learn and time to practise your passion to become talented at the things you enjoy and to develop your very being. To be rich is to do what you enjoy doing.

We all have mind, body and soul and to improve and develop them we must use things. A gym, food and liquids to nourish the body. Mental stimulation and exercise for the mind. Opportunities for the soul to develop and grow by being able to pursue your talents, discover new talents and develop underdeveloped talents and skills. All these things require money to do. There is no food or access to a gym without money and who would give it to you for free! Good quality mental stimulation and learning costs. Opportunities for soul and talent development need time and learning, again things that cost and they should cost because otherwise you would be asking people to work for you for free. People may work for you with no monetary gain if they benefit and gain value in other ways. Money is a fantastic method of exchange and there are others methods of exchange. You also need to understand the other positive methods of exchange that can help you, your family and everyone around you to become rich.

For all eternity, people have been searching for the answer to the age old questions like: ‘what is the meaning of life’ and one truth about life is that everything grows, from small to big. From an infinitesimally small start humans grow, growing and learning is the most natural thing in the world, everything in the world grows. Even the plants learn to be certain colours to attract certain insects and birds, animals learn to do certain things and avoid others. While human beings sometimes get too caught up in the mundane aspects of life to truly notice the wonder of life and the wonder of life is that it grows and unfolds continually, and you want to grow in positive and healthy ways also.

Having the use and access to the things in life that make you happier, healthier and wealthier is to have use of the things that exist on planet earth. Some of the things like air are free and some of the things like cars cost money. Enjoy the free things like a beautiful sunset or a smile and enjoy the things that cost money like education and technology.

Poor thinking is being satisfied with missing out, not having experiences and possessions. The more that you notice that and stop it, the more you can replace it with wealthier and richer thinking. Rich thinking is about experiencing and having the things that you desirer.

The purpose of life is to grow and blossom. Everyone has the right to enjoy and contribute to the wonder and beauty of nature and to create the richness and elegance of life.

Planet Earth is so rich with foods, technologies, communications, houses, holidays and these require a certain amount of money. To develop and bloom, free access to the resources and the creations of planet Earth are essential, for this money is essential. It is right to want to develop and prosper in life. It is right to want to have and achieve more for yourself and the people around you and even people you have never met. With wealth you can do that.

The more you replace old beliefs about money and lack with beliefs that having enough money to pay the bills and buy you true freedom to develop your soul and talents is a wonderful thing for you, your friends, the people around you and indeed the growing culture and wonder of the planet itself, the quicker you will become rich.

Without body, mind and soul we would have no life. We live because of these and for these. Attending too heavily to the pleasure of the flesh has loathsome consequences, attending too heavily to the mind and neglecting the body also creates imbalance, so too does attending to the soul alone and ignoring the body and mind. A healthy body, mind and soul are essential for life and for these food, clothing and shelter must be purchased. Rest and relaxation are also essential for the body. Your mind needs books and education, travel and intellectual companionship. You need to love your soul development and your soul needs to express love and love cannot be fully expressed without money.

Money is necessary, essential and of supreme importance to people living on planet Earth. It is essential for your soul, talent and personal development and indeed the development of our world and it’s rich wonders. The more that you allow good feelings to envelope you every time you think about becoming rich and the wondrous benefits to you, your friends and the people around you, the more that you will think good thoughts about being rich and allow those good feeling to motivate you on to feel good and gain more wealth.

Desire is possibility seeking expression. As the author of the Science of Getting Rich wrote over a hundred years ago “you can render to God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself.

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