Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich: Chapter Two: There Really is a Science of Getting Rich

There is a science of getting rich and the people who have become rich, stay rich and are rich in every area of their life do things differently to the people who are not rich.

Successful people think different thoughts to those who are not successful and our thoughts affect our behaviour. Just like thinking angry thoughts produces an angry looking face and tensed muscles, thinking happy thoughts produces a happy looking face and releases the happy chemical in the brain. Our thoughts affect our neurology, our thoughts affect our behaviours. The behaviours of rich people are different to the behaviours of people who aren’t rich because the thoughts of rich people are different to those who aren’t rich.

These thoughts produce different results. These different ways of thinking, that produce different behaviours and gain different results, are different thoughts and are thoughts that anyone can think.

It’s true that some people had a better start in life than others, but that’s in the past and the past is over. While it’s wonderful to remember the good things and good times, the negative experiences are over and in the past. The future is created by your current thinking and your current thinking is something that you can change. By changing your thinking to the same line of thought that rich people use, you are then thinking in a richer way.

Now in the 21st century enough studies have been conducted as to categorically state that there is a science to getting rich.

Because you are reading this you have shown a desire to become rich. You have decided to take the steps necessary to become richer. The more that you continue, the more you will bring to fruition that which you set your sights and heart upon attaining. The more that you do set your sights, your mental sights, the images in your mind and your hearts desire, the emotion and feelings that spin and whirl inside you and focus upon these ideas of becoming rich the more you will make that become a reality.

Just as we all accept that there are laws that govern the universe, like gravity, there are also laws that determine whether a person becomes richer or does not become richer in thinking, in health and of course in wealth. Once learned they become new patterns of behaviour that move you with ever increasing certainty towards the acquisition of money.

The ownership of money and property is a certainty as a result of following a scientific formula with regard to the acquisition of wealth.

People who do things in a certain way become rich, and those who do not do things in this certain way to become rich do not become rich. It is a natural law that, ‘like causes always produce like effects’. Anyone who does things in a certain way will become rich. And anyone who learns to do things in a certain way will become rich. This has been proven to be true countless times that getting rich is a result of doing things in a certain way.

Environment and location are separate to the equation otherwise all people in the same areas would all be rich. It is the people that learn to do things in the certain way that become rich. Two people, engaged in the same profession, living in the same town are not both guaranteed success. One may become rich while the other may not become rich. Regardless of the fact that they are both engaged in the same vocation and living in the same locality, of the same age and even with the same name. The only factor in their success is that they do certain things in a certain way. This is the guaranteeing factor in becoming rich.

Talent and intelligence are both separate to the formula. There are talented people who are not rich and talented people who are rich. We are all aware of intelligent people who become rich and people of much lesser intelligence who also become rich.

Neither talent nor intelligence are the cause of riches. As talented people get rich and the talent less get rich, intellectually brilliant people get rich and very stupid people get rich, funny people and dull people get rich, physically fit people get rich as do weaker people, people from different cultures and different countries become rich.

We know that becoming rich is a result of doing different things in a new way and continuing to do and improve upon doing the things that make you rich that you already do.

The richness of your thinking affects the richness of your physical life, because thoughts become things. You have more because you focus on having more. Becoming richer is a result of doing certain things in a certain way and anyone can do these things, they require no Herculean strength, or Einstein like IQ’s, these things can be done by anybody and any mind and once both body and mind are doing these things in this certain way the richer you will become.

Becoming richer is hindered by thrift, penny pinching and focusing on lack. These are a hindrance to your becoming richer in thought, experience and material possession. Rich experiences of the mind and body, acquisition of material possessions and rich thinking are the area of thought and physical experience that you are working further towards by investing your time in understanding these principals. Following these steps will lead you to becoming richer in mind, body and soul. With a richer mindset comes a richer lifestyle and richer experiences.

One hundred years ago this system was in use by its creator and thousands of other people knowingly and unknowingly and as this information has spread over the last hundred years there are more and more millionaire, billionaires and wealthy people on planet Earth. For wealth to come to you it is necessary to deal with other people directly or indirectly and the opportunities available to you now are unimaginably simpler for communicating with people than they were when this system was proven, so now more than ever before it is easier for you to become rich.

The practicalities of being in the business that suites you is also easier now with the technological achievements that have occurred and continue to happen. Working for someone else will always have a financial upper limit, while being in business for yourself affords you the opportunity to become rich in any field and in any endeavour.

With money you can make money. This is true and with no money you can make money too. This was true one hundred years ago when this system was first written and is true now and much easier than it was then. And because of the increases of technology the increase of opportunities to become rich are increasing all the time. The more that you do the things that were true one hundred years ago that are still true today, the richer in your thinking and in your experiences you will become. Whether you have capital now or are acquiring capital, doing things in a certain way will ensure you have more.

From wherever and whenever you are right now, by doing more of the things that you do that are in harmony with the steps of the Science of Getting Rich, the richer you will become. By doing more of the things that you are not yet doing but are able to do and the more and more excited you are about what you are doing, the more you are in line with the ‘certain way’ and the more you become richer.

Work with the Universe and the certain way of becoming rich and you will fulfill your desires, because we can say for sure that there is a science of getting rich.

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