Inspired by The Science of Getting Rich: Chapter Three – Is Opportunity Monopolized?

Opportunity is all around. Maybe there are some areas of business that are difficult to get started in, you wouldn’t for example expect to start your own airline with a just few hundred dollars.  And working as an employee in an airline company isn’t going to make you rich either. Becoming really wealthy as an employee has a maximum wealth level depending upon, of course, location, position in the company and other factors. Becoming a millionaire or billionaire rarely, if at all, exists as ‘job’ or as a position of paid employ.

Creating your own business however, is something that you can then grow and with the proper skill and thoughts you can indeed create a multi million or billion dollar success. With the greatest opportunity of the modern age, the Internet, we have already seen billionaires appear in a shorter time than ever before on planet earth.

Opportunity is around us everywhere. Creating your own business is so much easier now than it has ever been, no more do you have to invest in bricks and mortar, pay staff or even have physical products, with the marketing reach of the internet and the simplicity of building (or having a website built), anyone can become a business owner. One of the biggest secrets of creating your own business is to create multiple streams of passive income. An author writes a book once but that book maybe sold many millions of times. Passive income is about creating products and services that people really want, that add to their lives and that you only have to make once.

Opportunities are abound and are around a lot more that you have realised because there are areas of opportunity that you haven’t even considered as opportunities. As you start to notice new opportunities as they arrive and appear in your life you can discover newer and richer avenues of thought for these new opportunities.

You can do what’s best for you. You can act on new desirers, to notice noticing new areas of opportunities and discover an array of new opportunities for you to become richer.

You can allow your subconscious and conscious mind to create new filters and detectors for opportunities to start to appear for you just like when you focus on something and start to see it everywhere.

As you hone these new detectors for opportunities and chances of development of your mind, body and soul toward an increased wealth of knowledge and physical experience, the more you will enjoy doing this more and more, creating newer avenues of wealth for you and those around you. The more that you do things that are fun, good for you and your mindsets around wealth and your wealth acumination, the better for you and those around you.

Opportunity is everywhere around you and you will see more opportunities when you focus your mind on finding more opportunities.

Being in a place where more things happen and more people work, live and socialize means that more opportunities will be around you. The more opportunities around you the more you will find, make, realise, create, and take them with both hands and with a very real belief in your heart and soul that you have the chance to change your life for the better. Take with every fibre of your being the opportunities that you create and discover so that you become wealthier in mind, body and spirit…

Becoming wealthier in any business is possible, there are some lines of business that would require much larger amounts of start up capital and thousands of hours of work per week and there are businesses that require less capital and are much easier to become successful in.

It’s true that becoming really wealthy as an employee has a maximum wealth level, depending upon location position and other factors, this makes it not possible for most people to become multi millionaires and billionaires as an employee working at a ‘job’ or in a position of paid employ’. Creating your own business is something that can then grow with simple steps and build up to create a multi million or billion success and these are much more readily available to people now with the greatest opportunity of the modern age the Internet…

Becoming wealthier being the owner of a successful wealth creating operation that serves people with extraordinary care will benefit you and those around you while making other people happy. Websites like Google and facebook have created many billions of dollars wealth in a very short space of time.Buildinga ‘bricks and mortar’ business that is worth billions would take much longer or require millions or billions as start up capital. But to start your own business online using the internet with the tools of today you can shape and create an income quicker and with very little start up capital. The choice of business you engage in is your decision and the more you continue to focus upon the opportunities that are available to you and are right for you, the more you can become rich.

It doesn’t matter where you are starting from it’s where you are going that matters. Wherever and whenever you are, you are able to become wealthier. Going with the flow of opportunity that exists right now makes the most sense. Because of technology, money is easier to earn than ever before. Attempting to ignore this is a mistake in this age of opportunity.

Not everyone believes that they have the right to be rich and they don’t allow themselves to become rich. Becoming rich is something that you have actively taken charge of and because you have begun to study this information you have the power to change your life and your wealth in wonderful ways, ways you can’t even imagine yet and beyond. No matter what your starting point the acquisition of more wealth is something that you are capable of and are now actively setting your mind upon more and more, keep this up until you have succeeded, then continue.

There are opportunities for everyone. There is enough for everybody and every mind. There is land and building materials enough on this planet to build everyone their own palace, castle, or dream house of incredible beauty, claim yours. Take claim to yours in you mind, in your soul, in your actions, attitude and beliefs and follow the ‘certain way’.

The dream houses, food, property and wealth that exist are all created from atoms. Atoms in turn are made from subatomic particles and those subatomic particles are made from energy, the same energy as you and the rest of the Universe. This is being explored more and more by science and the wisdom of different cultures and movements have spoken about this for thousands of years. All is made from energy and there is more energy in the Universe, even just on our own planet, than we all could ever need. There is more than enough for everyone to have, do, be or see what they want to have for themselves and others. The supply of the universal stuff of creation, the energy that all subatomic particles (the building blocks of larger material objects) are made from is so huge as to appear infinite to us, more than enough to go around. The energy in one atom contains incredible power. The potential of all the energy that all matter and all matter that has not yet been created is enormous. There is infinite potential inside you.

Our planet is therefore an inexhaustible store house of riches for you and for anybody and anymind to have and to hold. The people that do not become rich, do not fail to become rich because there is a lack of any physical thing. The simple steps to becoming rich can be followed by anybody and anymind.

The formless stuff that makes the Universe is now being shown by scientists to be everywhere. In the places that were thought to be empty vacuums, even the deepest regions of space are now being shown to be full of this formless substance, this energy that all things are made from. There is more energy to make things than there are things in the Universe. There is enough raw material in the spaces between the spaces in the Universe to build a second and third universe and still there will be more raw materials to build and create more. There truly is enough for everyone. The building blocks of our reality appear to us as infinite.

At this level all matter is energy and all the energy is the same kind of energy and is connected. This energy is everything and everything has ideas, forms, substance and intelligence. Everything in the Universe is made from the same energy and is the same formless substance. This formless substance can itself create because it is alive, creative in its own way and created the Universe. The essence of life is about more life, more energy, more wonder, beauty and wealth for all.

The natural and inherent impulse of life is to seek to have more. It is the nature of all intelligence to understand more, for consciousness to expand and new forms to be created.

You are part of the Universe and the Universe is part of you. You can notice noticing the presence of the Universe and aim for a fuller and more complete experience on planet Earth, now.

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